Learn more about Acronym Web-to-Print features

Mobile Application

The custom Mobile Application based on the Acronym platform (for iOS and Android) will allow customers to place orders for
copying, printing, and scanning of photos and papers, as well as for the production of design elements, gifts, and marketing materials.

It supports several languages and versions, online payments, and integrated with different delivery companies.
The app is also synchronized with the online store, so they share the client base, marketing features, and admin panel.

Online Orders

  • Place orders for printing, scanning, and copying of photos and documents, and printing on interior design elements, gifts, and other products.
  • Enable online editors for photos, documents, and products with additional fields.
  • Arrange delivery to the specified address or pick-up points of the customer’s choice.
  • Register your clients and finish their order formation using the admin panel of the platform.
Online Orders

Online Payments

  • Accept credit card payments using the following services: Stripe, Authorize.net, and PayPal.
  • Enable or disable order payments with bonus points or current user balance.
  • Pick the different payment options for deliveries and delivery options for different types of products.
  • Synchronize information about payments between a mobile app and a website.
Online Payments

Promotion Options

  • Give out coupons, make special offers and discount codes for bringing a friend.
  • Customize the bonus program and its extensive functionality in the admin panel.
  • Activate partnership program: customer would be able to enter code in a sign-up window.
  • Post news about your company, information about special offers, and push notifications.
Promotion options

User Account

  • Use a unified customer base on your sites and apps to log in and sign up via email or phone number.
  • Allow to edit personal information as well as choose location, city, or website.
  • Order list view with an opportunity to discuss orders with the company employees.
  • Add password and profile recovery via email for those who can’t access their account.
User account

Multiple Languages and Websites

  • Customize the choice of city, location, or specific online stores on a home page. The app will automatically save this information.
  • Save user location and language preferences for future application launches.
  • Create unique sets of products, news, and elements for every version of the app.
  • Pick city, website, and language options and display them on the Home page.
Multiple languages and websites

App Management

  • Customize the app design and integrate corporate style elements using the admin panel.
  • Group printed products, printing services, and their attributes using the admin panel.
  • Post news, activate the partnership program, and configure discounts using the admin panel.
  • Make different localizations and pick different currency and phone formats using the admin panel.
App management